Talking Vine

To interact socially with the vineyard

Talking Vine is a research project

organized and promoted by

ELEDIA Research Center
Azienda Agricola F.lli Pisoni


Pisoni is a wine producer in Trentino, whose vineyards are located in the Valle dei Laghi, and whose production ranges from white and red wines to the traditional Vino Santo Trentino DOC.
Azienda Agricola F.lli Pisoni
Pergolese (Trento)
100% Natural & bio

Tradition Innovation

The most authentic tradition of wine production merges with a desire for innovation that distinguishes the company, and which has led to the creation of an infrastructure for monitoring the environment and vineyards.

The initiative Your vine - Your wine

The winery's crowdfunding project was created to make customers participate personally in the long process of wine production. Who "adopts" a vineyard, establishes a sort of symbiotic relationship with it, and traditionally interacts with it by visiting the vineyard.
Talking Vine uses the information collected on the vineyard to associate a mood to each plant. It is not objective information or suggestions for cultivation, but a real humanization of the plant.

With the versatility of the Internet, a completely new symbiotic user-vineyard relationship is established, made up of social interactions, messages, emoticons and tags.


Hi! I'm Bacco

Mario Rossi


Reboro vineyard, Row 3, n. 4

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